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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 1, 2022

First Look at, the Ancient Egypt-Themed MMORPG

Mummy is a MMO game that brings to life forgotten Ancient World myths. The game will feature plenty of NFTs and is developed on UE5.
First Look at, the Ancient Egypt-Themed MMORPG

Mummy is an upcoming MMO game that brings to life forgotten Ancient World myths. The game features fast-action combat mechanics in the plentiful world of ancient Egypt, a realm torn between order and chaos, the fate of which lies in the hands of the Gods.

The game is being developed on the newest Unreal Engine 5 and will run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with the goal of becoming multichain in the near future. 

Mummy’s developers want to create a special experience for players, and will release parts of the game as “modules” throughout the development process. They recognize it’s important for players to see the team is moving and the game is actually being developed.

In the course of the next year, most of the team will be revealed on social channels. A large portion of the founders and partners are already fully doxxed and can be found on their website.

Mummy Gameplay

Mummy takes place in Ancient Egypt sometime after the Clash, a ruthless fight amongst the oldest and mightiest deities, which lead to the appearance of Magic on Earth, causing a forceful shift in human life. 

As Gods and Goddesses descended to walk among mortals and magical creatures appeared, people were forced to take sides in a conflict that has become increasingly complex.

In Mummy, players can engage in PvP fights, join guilds to pave their way to victory, and yes… build pyramids! 

A large portion of the game will focus on historically accurate buildings and sandbox capabilities, mostly driven by NFT sales for plots of lands and buildings. 

The game will also feature many “modifiers”, such as “Souls NFTs”, that will enhance or radically change the player’s abilities. 

While engaging with the Mummy world players earn gold and NFTs with in-game utility that can be sold and traded on the Mummy Marketplace. NFTs and in-game items can be consumables that offer players various abilities, armor, artworks used for hideout customisation, jewellery, accessories or special abilities for Pets and more.

Register For The Free Mummy Demo

Everyone will be able to play Mummy very soon and get an exclusive Stelae NFT. These NFTs will stay with you and allow you to show off as one of the earliest members of the game.

In order to participate in the Demo, navigate to this page on the official website (make sure the URL is exactly: and connect your wallet. Your wallet will be whitelisted soon and you’ll be able to mint the NFT required to start playing. 

The game will require a computer able to manage Unreal Engine 5. If yours is not, you might want to consider renting a cloud gaming computer from Shadow ($29.99/m) or Paperspace (pay by the hour).

The release is set for the month of September, likely towards the end of it.

Mummy Tokenomics

mummy io tokenomics

$MMY is an ERC 20 token deployed on the BSC blockchain. It will be the main token of the metaverse.

$MMY total supply is 230,000,000 and it’s not a mintable token. The token will be used in conjunction with “gold”, the in-game currency dropped by most monsters and in the form of loot.

Players will have the opportunity to exchange gold for $MMY, or sell items for $MMY directly, inside the game. The rarer the item, the highest the value on the marketplace. 

As all items are NFTs, gamers can also decide to resell the game on third-party marketplaces, and might also be able to re-use the NFT inside of other games should Mummy partner with them on a development level.

Wrapping Up 

Mummy released an impressive demo in a short period of time and is working towards the first web3 game centered on the Ancient Egypt myths and legends.

In their official whitepaper, the team left a note to all players: 

“There are a lot of people working together behind a successful game, all sharing the same vision and goals, all striving to bring to life immersive and fun fantasy worlds.

Great developers are passionate gamers themselves who have noticed the qualities and flaws of the MMORPGs they have been playing and know what an amazing gaming experience feels like from both a technical and artistic perspective.”

We’re excited to see where the developers will be able to take the project, and encourage everyone to try out their demo and follow the continuous updates on Twitter and Discord.

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