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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Mar 23, 2022

First Look at Metashooter, a AAA Hunting Play-to-Earn Metaverse

Metashooter is the first play to earn hunting game. So get your hunting gear ready and let's jump in the very first VR Hunting Metaverse !
First Look at Metashooter, a AAA Hunting Play-to-Earn Metaverse

Metashooter is currently being developed with an early alpha coming in April and, in this article, we’ll cover everything known so far about this Cardano project. So get your hunting gear ready and let's jump in the very first VR Hunting Metaverse !

Metashooter is one of a kind, since so far there are no hunting games in the blockchain. The game will happen in an island where you will find all your prey that can be birds, carinvorous and herbivorous.

For each category you are going to have different animals, each with its rarity and difficulty level! But hunting is not as simple as it looks. In order to have a successful hunting session you will need to properly prepare yourself.

You will have to choose between different weapons depending on the type of prey you want to catch. Obviously each weapon can be entirely customized.

You can also take a vehicle to help you cover more ground. With a vehicle you will be able to reach areas of the map that wouldn’t be accessible on foot. You can also take a dog as your hunting companion. And since this game interacts with the Cardano blockchain all of this assets are going to be NFTs.

Metashooter game economy

There are two main ways to earn in Metashooter: hunting and creating a hunting business. You can choose one or both strategies and be rewarded with $MHUNT tokens.

$MHUNT is the governance and utility token of Metashooter and will be used for everything. With a total supply of 90M you will need $MHUNT to buy NFTs in their in-game marketplace (Weapons, vehicles, dogs, ammo). $MHUNT can also be used to reward streamers, create listings, purchase or rent land, get hunting licenses and to participate in the Metashooter DAO.

For more information about the game modes, game economy and tokenomics, check out Metashooter's whitepaper.


When it comes to hunting you will need to buy NFT assets like a gun and the hunting license for a particular hunting season which lasts from 2 to 3 months. Then you can only hunt down animals included in the season's list. If you shoot down animals that are not in that list you’ll get fined.

To have better visibility and shot range you can use other players hunting towers. If you decide to go deep into the forest without a vehicle your hunting trip might fail because your hunter will have limited stamina. In order to recover your stamina you can rest in hunting houses scattered across the maps.

With a dog your life becomes easier. Dogs will track down animals for you and bring you your hunting trophies. This will make everything easier and save you precious stamina.

So, as a hunter you will have lots of details to think about before starting a hunting trip and the decisions you take will define your hunting strategy. After your hunting session you’ll be able to exchange your hunting trophies for $MHUNT or turn them into bait to be used in your next hunting trips.

Hunting Business

In order to create a business in Metashooter you’ll need to invest in land plots. Land plots will go from $1,000 USD to $25,000 depending on their size. Land owners will be able to create the following businesses:

  • Rent your hunting plot - The simplest business model in Metashooter. Simply rent your land to other hunter and get passive income in $MHUNT.
  • Build a hunting house - You can use it yourself to recover your stamina and to store your vehicles. If you’re not using it rent it so other hunters can rest there. Airbnb in the metaverse!
  • Build tower - If other players use your towers you will get a percentage of the preys they shoot from your tower.
  • Dog breeding - Breed NFT dogs and sell the offspring to other hunters.

When it comes to creating a business you will need to define your strategy because you cannot have all these buildings together on the same plot.

For example, if you build a hunting house this will scare the animals away, so it won’t make any sense to place a hunting tower next to a hunting house!

Or if you decide to leave your hunting plot free, more animals will come to this area and you will get a percentage from collected hunting licenses or hunted animal value. 


This is a fresh project in NFT Gaming which makes it riskier. On the other hand it looks promising and one of a kind since there aren’t any play to earn hunting games out there.

The team has been releasing teasers showing gameplay and how this hunting metaverse is going to look like... And they managed to make a good first impression.   Specially when it comes to this metaverse’s landscapes and graphics overall. A real 2022 game!

They also mentioned VR which is really ambitious! Most of P2E projects are browser 2D games, and then you have projects promising a Metaverse with VR implemented!

Personally I am bullish on Metashooter, it’s still to early to say it’s a success but they’re definitely on the right path! Check out the video I made about Metashooter and see for yourself.
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