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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 14, 2022

First Look at Edenbrawl, the Upcoming MOBA of the Sparkadia Ecosystem

Edenbrawl, a Free-to-play (F2P) MOBA game was a hobby project of Chandler Thomlison, is now the pioneer game of the Sparkadia ecosystem.
First Look at Edenbrawl, the Upcoming MOBA of the Sparkadia Ecosystem

Edenbrawl, a Free-to-play (F2P) MOBA game that began as a hobby project of Chandler Thomlison (current CEO of Worldspark Studios) in mid-2016, is now the pioneer game of the Sparkadia ecosystem after a $3M seed round funding in December 2021.

Edenbrawl is now developed by Worldspark Studio, a gaming studio that prioritizes entertainment over financial value. Based on this, the studio birthed a new gaming ecosystem with delightful gameplay experiences called, Sparkadia.

Being the pioneer of Sparkadia, Edenbrawl combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) to create a unique experience called Mobrawler. Mobrawler is an extraordinary power that grips you at match 1 and keeps you engaged at match 10,000.

Like traditional MOBAs such as League of Legends, Edenbrawl features top-down gameplay where players control a single hero in objective-based maps. However, there are a few disparities between Edenbrawl and traditional MOBAs. Differences like regular lanes and jungles. Also, there are a lot of similarities between them, such as spells, items, talents, and more.

Edenbrawl is unique and distinct because it allows players to use WASD to move, and there are no minions or lane-pushing modes. It is also faster and more action-packed than traditional MOBAs.

Wondering what WASD is? WASD are four keyboard keys used to interact with video games instead of arrow keys or a controller. W and S control forward and backward movement while A and D control left and right movement respectively.

Combat is intense and relies heavily on skill shots, dodging, and outplaying your opponent rather than farming minions 90% of the time. Have a look below at the pre-alpha gameplay teaser, but do note that the visuals are from the initially developed projects

Edenbrawl Gameplay

Edenbrawl has unique gameplay, a blend of Capture the Flag, FIFA, and intense brawler combat. In Edenbrawl, there's intense combat between two teams of 5. Each team works together to grab a ball in the center of the map. This ball is called Edenball, the primary focus of the two teams. It's a special sauce behind Edenbrawl.

The team that carries the Edenball needs to pass it and score in their opposing team's endzone. Scoring is the primary victory condition in Edenbrawl; however, there are different ways of doing this.

Edenbrawl Gameplay

Skills and Techniques in Edenbrawl

There are two major skills and techniques in Edenbrawl:

  1. Scoring the ball
  2. Carrying and Passing

In scoring the ball, you need to focus on the ball because it's easy to get distracted. You also need to know where the ball is located on the map. Players with the ball in possession can move freely and pass it to their teammates using direct or lob passes. To score, players can throw the ball into the opposition's endzone or walk into their endzone while carrying it.

By carrying the ball, you're able to pass the ball and gain access to a few new abilities based on your hero's role.

There are two types of passing, driven and lob. Driven passes are charged skill shots where you'll charge up the power behind the pass, with the pass traveling along the ground in the selected direction. Lob passes are also charged, but you can target them in a specific area only. To score, you must adequately utilize both passes' speed and accuracy tradeoffs.

Edenbrawl Ball Pass

There is another unique mechanic in Edenball known as the line of scrimmage. This line can serve as a territory marker. The line of scrimmage for each team begins in the center of the field and resets each score. Similar to a payload, it can be pushed by having the ball and traveling toward the line. The line stops moving when you drop the ball or leave the line's viewing area.

In Edenball, players can acquire unique pickups across the map. Pickups like grappling guns, jump boots, or a baseball bat.

There are also Blessings in Edenball. Blessings is a term used to describe a process of voting among teams in between rounds of an Edenball match. This voting process impacts the next round of the game in unique ways.

For example, one blessing may provide defensive walls around your endzone while another may completely alter the map, opening up new strategies and tactics.

Also, there are Augments available in the game. Augments are unique talents that a hero unlocks throughout a match.

Edenbrawl Scorepoint


$SPARK is the native token for the Sparkadia ecosystem, with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. $SPARK can be used for different things within the ecosystem. Among its utilities are:

  1. Reroll or extend the duration of gameplay perks
  2. Stake for utility NFT and ticket rewards
  3. Exchange for Jingles
  4. Enter tournaments
  5. Customize their utility portrait

$SPARK can be acquired in two ways: through the initial public sale distribution from Worldspark or a Token Essence from the Reward pools.

There's also a hard currency within the game. It's called Jingles. Jingles can be used for the following:

  1. Purchasing Ticket Passes
  2. Crafting an NFT
  3. Purchasing off-chain items or services from Worldspark


All MOBA-style games have one thing in common. They all have heroes. In Edenbrawl, players choose and control a Hero of their choice. There are 8 hero NFTs altogether. Among them are Kana & Kensu, Glocat, Jet, and others. With the action-oriented brawler-style combat combined with the unique ball mechanics, hero design grows even more new legs, with countless intricacies and interactions for players to discover.

Edenbrawl Hero NFTs

Team behind Edenbrawl

The team behind Denbrawl is led by Founder and CEO of Sparkadia Chandler Thomlison, followed by Sebastian Cardoso, Chief Operations Officer, Mathew Garcia-Dunn, Chief Narrative officer, Tristan Root, Chief Technology Officer, Joseph Marin, Lead Programmer, and several other individuals. 

Some team members are game industry veterans who have worked with Riot, Bungie, and Blizzard Entertainment. The advisors include Dorian Compo, Kevin Chang, James' Bakery' Baker, and Jonathan' Bloom' Shell. Dorian has 15+ years of experience at Activision and Crystal Dynamic. Kevin is a Former Systems Designer at Battlerite and now Game Director at a startup.

Team behind Edenbrawl


In November 2022, the early access Passport Sale will be made live, followed by the Origin Skin Line Sale in January next year. In February, the Mythic and Legendary Dwellings Land Sale will take place. Finally, the Epic, Rare, and Uncommon Dwellings (Land) Sale will be held in March. The Edenbrawl Closed Beta will be made available to Passport Holders in June 2023, and for non-passport holders, it will be available from November 2023 onwards.


Edenbrawl is an intense skill-based combat game with the best features of a Web2 game, thus giving players a good experience of both web2 and web3 in a single game. In addition, the game offers an exciting multiplayer gaming experience through a newly created combo, "Mobrawler," that mixes the action combat of a brawler with a Multiplayer online battle arena. It also focuses on teamwork as players must collaborate to find items inside enemy territory.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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