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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Oct 25, 2021

First Details on Raids and Crafting in Guild of Guardians

When Guild of Guardians has its soft-launch in 2022 the game will feature two main systems, raids and crafting. These are the first details!
First Details on Raids and Crafting in Guild of Guardians

When Guild of Guardians has its soft-launch in 2022 the game will feature two main systems, raids and crafting. Immutable and Stepico have revealed the first details about these mechanics, and this gives us something to get excited about. Let's first dive into the raids, and after that we can talk more about crafting.

In Raids 16 players will join in async boss battles, organized by the leader of a guild. These events provide players with unique rewards. In turn, these rewards will become crucial for power progression and crafting. Each raid comes with some requirements:

  • Minimum power level of all 16 participants in the raid
  • Recommended roles for all participants
  • Recommended contributions from members of the guild who can't or don't want to join the raid with a hero, think about resource donations, consumables or completing dungeons.

When the requirements have been met, guild leadership can start the raid. When the guild members complete the raid, all members of the raid will receive a notification. In addition rewards will also be distributed, while everybody can watch a recording of the raid. There's a limitation to the amount of raids a guild can do per week. At the end of each week the counter resets, and people can see which guilds performed best.

Now let's talk Guild Crafting

Guild Crafting exists to make sure that every player in the guild has the right equipment to take on more difficult content. Guilds will need a recipe for a specific piece of equipment, and they can earn these recipes through the raids. In addition they will need Cubelets, which come in four different tiers for every element. Cubelets are magical resources, basically, and players can find them within dungeons. Thirdly, players will need Gems. These Gems are tokens, earned from completing daily and weekly Gem Quests.

Once the guild has acquired a recipe, Guild Leadership should activate the production. During the crafting preparation all members can donate Cubelets and Gems to start minting. When the times ends, the created items will end up on the marketplace. Earnings from each sale will be distributed amongst all contributors.

The Guild of Guardians team will soon launch the third NFT sale for their game.

Guild of Guardians gameplay explained

Guild of Guardians will offer a singleplayer campaign in which you control a team of heroes on your mobile device. Most likely there will be four heroes in each squad, but players only control one at the time. The computer controls the others. Most likely players can switch their characters, but they didn’t elaborate on this topic much.

Even though the game features singleplayer, they promote it as a cooperative game. In co-op raids players can work together, using their own characters, to beat a single boss. These will have the best loot. Guild raids require coordination to succeed and for example the power level or class of a character can influence the outcome. Each participants in a successful raid is rewarded, and therefore communication and strategy can be considered key.

Based on your team, some monsters are easier to beat than others. The composition of a team is important to counter passive buffs, debuffs and spells. While player buffs can also help team members to overcome challenges. There are also team buffs, for example by having a group of characters from the same class. For combat they got inspiration from games like Diablo, Hades and other popular dungeon crawlers. Dodging, light and heavy attacks, attack combos, and ultimate attacks need to make combat fun and intuitive.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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