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Jul 10, 2024

Fight as Dragons in Gods of Fire - Coming Soon to Steam

Play as diverse 3D customizable dragons with powerful abilities in 6-player matches in Gods of Fire, launching in Steam Early Access on July 19th as a free to play Web2 title, while a Web3 play and earn version is also set to be available outside of the platform for NFT owners to compete in to earn the upcoming $EGODS token.
Fight as Dragons in Gods of Fire - Coming Soon to Steam

If you’ve ever wanted a Web3 game in which you fight as dragons, then you may want to look forward to Gods of Fire, a PvP game coming to Steam in Early Access on July 19th.

After launching the final alpha release in April this year with a 2-week tournament, developer Nestx now looks set to reach a major new milestone, as the launch on PC’s most popular marketplace means that there will be a Web2 and Web3 version to enjoy in order to make the multiplayer title accessible to a wider audience.

What Updates Does the Steam Version Bring?

Ahead of the Early Access launch, the studio has published details on all the updates and improvements they have in store for this upcoming release. Chief among them is the development of a Web2 version for this launch, bringing with it its own set of updates that includes a distinct main menu, Web2 player database modifications to allow for Steam players to be included, and the introduction of an in-game store specifically for this non-blockchain version. This shop will allow players to purchase various microtransactions that will include Gold, skins, dragon packs, bundles and GPoints packages.

That being said, among the new additions is the inclusion of 2 new in-game currencies: GPoints and Gold.

GPoints is an earnable currency attainted through gameplay-based activities such as completing milestones, doing objectives and playing matches. It is designed to be used for “progress-based rewards,” and other in-game actions such as upgrading dragons.

Gold on the other hand is a premium currency that can be bought with real money but also earned every 10 levels to reward player progression. The purpose of it will be to unlock exclusive content. Web3 players will also be able to buy Gold using the upcoming $EGODS token, with more info on this process to be given later on when the launch date of the token is near.

There will be up to 100 levels to progress through, with each level rewarding you with GPoints, while every 10th level gives you Gold. Creating the level progression system this way is said to provide a “balanced mix of immediate rewards and long-term goals” to give everyone an enjoyable gaming experience.

Next to all these updates, the team is adding a new feature: Dragon Diamonds. These are special diamonds that will randomly appear at the beginning of each match in 3 spots on the map. Capturing this resource will give you an XP boost that will apply as long as they’re in your possession. This however means that you could also become a prime target for other players, requiring you to carefully decide whether to stick to beating objectives or attempt to risk doing both.

Speaking of the map, it’s been expanded to include new exploration spots for players to battle in. As a result, the player cap for PvP matches has been increased to 6, with the change also said to lower server usage and thus make maintaining the game more cost-efficient.

The game lobby has been completely overhauled and will now be found integrated straight into the main menu, allowing players to interact with the menu while waiting for the lobby to fill up. Matchmaking has also been improved, so the newly-introduced system should help players match with opponents of the same or similar skill level to deliver fair gaming sessions. A ban system has also been added, awarding players who leave a match twice before it ends with a 30-minute or longer punishment.

As for the dragons themselves, their perks have undergone balancing changes while flight controls, targeting and rotation mechanics have all been improved to give players more accuracy while delivering more realistic movement than before.

Web3 players can enjoy an increased daily play limit, as each dragon NFT can now earn higher rewards for 10 matches a day instead of 5, though this may end up changing over time.

What Is Gods of Fire?

Gods of Fire is a free to play multiplayer PvP game set in a fantasy world of dragons. Made in Unreal Engine 5, players take control of upgradable dragons in third-person view, with the beasts divided into common, epic and legendary classes that each have 10 different skins as well as unique abilities. Unleash fireballs, flames and various powers in matches of up to 6 players, while using speed boosts to hunt down your target. While deathmatch looks to be the only game mode available at launch, the developers over time plan to add a battle royale mode and possibly more alongside new maps.

To enjoy play to earn features, players will be downloading the MultiversX-powered title outside of Steam likely on the same day the Web2 version releases. In the original Web3 iteration also known as Dragons Arena, players can play and earn with DragonsArena (DA) NFTs, of which only 5888 exist. Holders of these tradable dragons will receive Gods of Fire NFTs that can be used in-game to play and earn $EGODS, the game’s upcoming main utility token which does not seem to have a defined launch date at the time of writing. Holding a DA NFT seems to also let you play AR Connect, an Android and iOS augmented reality app where holders can earn points in various ways, including by staking their dragons to accumulate daily points that can be used to open prize boxes containing NFTs. Holders will also have the option to convert those points into $EGODS after the token launches. There are also daily random rewards that users can get to earn DA NFTs or assets from other projects. DA NFTs are available on the XOXNO Network marketplace with a current floor price of 0.25 $EGLD (~9.10).

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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