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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jul 9, 2024

Faraway Brings HV-MTL Mechs to Web2 Arena Shooter 'Shatterline'

Learn how Faraway is bringing HV-MTL (pronounced 'heavy-metal) NFTs to Shatterline, enhancing the gaming experience with powerful new features. These include a $100,000 prize pool for PvE and PvP battles, tradable ecosystem rewards, and a revenue share program for creators.
Faraway Brings HV-MTL Mechs to Web2 Arena Shooter 'Shatterline'

Recently, game studio Faraway announced that it is integrating HV-MTL NFTs into the Web2 arena shooter "Shatterline." After acquiring the IP from Yuga Labs, Faraway is expanding the reach of HV-MTL and Legends of the Mara, starting with Shatterline.

What is Shatterline?

Shatterline, a PC-based first-person shooter that has been in early access on Steam since 2022, is geared up for a full launch later this year. Built by Frag Lab, the game offers both PvP and PvE modes, providing a dynamic and competitive experience. Shatterline is set to shut down its early access servers on August 1st before its official release. According to Faraway co-founder Alex Paley, the game will also launch on the Epic Games Store.

About HV-MTL

HV-MTL, or Heavy Metal, is a collection of 30,000 mechs derived from 8 different power source types. First created by BAYC maker Yuga Labs, the HV-MTL mechs were part of an on-chain game called HV-MTL Forge. This game evolved from a pet simulation and world builder to a competitive dungeon crawler. Players could upgrade their mechs through multiple seasons, improving their abilities. Integrating these mechs into Shatterline promises to bring more depth to the arena shooter. 

How Did The Partnership Came About?

Faraway began discussions with Frag Lab in 2022 about integrating Web3 elements into the game. However, Frag Lab prioritized refining the gameplay before incorporating such features. Their careful approach has led to a polished and engaging game.

"We thought it looked absolutely incredible," said Paley, reflecting on the early playtests of Shatterline. The chance to partner with Shatterline played a crucial role in Faraway's decision to acquire the HV-MTL and Mara IP from Yuga Labs. 

Faraway's vision for HV-MTL in Shatterline includes major gameplay enhancements. HV-MTL NFT owners will enjoy "pretty significant power advantages" in the game's PvE expedition modes. This partnership will include Web3 rewards, such as tradable items, and Web2 rewards to attract a broader audience.

New Features and Rewards

Per an unofficial Discord post by Faraway's Chief Product Officer, everydayzukini., there are many things that players can look forward to. The collab between Faraway and Shatterline offers many exciting new features:

  1. Prize Pool Battles: Players can look forward to PvE and PvP competitions with a starting prize pool of $100k.
  2. Ecosystem Rewards: Top players will receive Faraway ecosystem rewards that can be minted and traded. These will be accessible to all players regardless of NFT ownership.
  3. Revenue Share for Creators: A revenue share program will reward top creators who bring players to the game with 1% of the net revenue. This program aims to incentivize content creation and community engagement.
  4. Spectator Fantasy Sports Feature: This feature will allow spectators to pick and collect their favorite pro players in a fantasy draft. Based on their performance, both spectators and pro players will earn rewards.

What’s in Store for Shatterline Players?

The HV-MTL integration will bring various benefits. These include:

  • F2P Experience: Shatterline remains a free-to-play game without NFT gating, making sure that all players can enjoy the game. 
  • Gameplay Integrity: The competitive balance and core mechanics of the game remain untouched.
  • Blockchain Benefits: Blockchain tech allows for easy and transparent trading, new rewards and prizes, and shared upside for players and creators.

No doubt, the Faraway and Shatterline partnership marks a huge step in integrating Web3 into mainstream gaming. By using the HV-MTL IP, coupled with new features and rewards, Faraway seeks to enhance the gaming experience for Shatterline players. As the game approaches its full launch, players can look forward to a unique and engaging experience. 

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. Individuals should do their own research before taking any actions related to the product they read about and carry full responsibility for their decisions.
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