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Nov 18, 2023

Faraland Announces Mastery Quest Skill Trees Event

The Mastery Quest Skill Trees event is going live on November 20th in celebration of the launch of 7 new skill trees that Faraland players will get to learn by playing through various quests split across 3 difficulty levels for a chance to rank in the top 30 and earn rewards such as $FARA tokens and more.
Faraland Announces Mastery Quest Skill Trees Event

The studio who made Faraland, a blockchain NFT RPG on the BNB Chain, have announced a new event called “Mastery Quest Skill Trees.”

Event Info

This new event starts on November 20th at 8 AM UTC and will end on November 30th at 8 AM UTC, giving players a “special opportunity” to grasp 7 new skill trees. In fact, this event is made in celebration of the launch of these 7 new skill trees, giving players a chance to experiment with unique new abilities while competing in various skill challenges.

Once the event kicks off, 5 quizzes will be announced for players to complete via Zealy, with another 5 to be revealed on November 22nd.

Next to the quizzes, there will be also Zealy Quests, which are skill-related quests divided into 3 difficulty levels: Basic, Advanced, and Mastery Level.

The Basic Level is the one that will first go live on November 20th, giving players 7 simple quests to complete. This will be followed by the Advanced Level on November 21st, which will feature 5 challenging quests, and last but not least, the Mastery Level will unlock on November 22nd, giving you 3 quests that require you to mix up multiple skill trees if you want to have a chance at beating these tough quests.

Players are required to provide video footage as proof of quest completion, with video “focusing on moments that depict the specific task being carried out.” It must be under 1 minute long and the file size should not exceed 100 MB. The developers advise increasing video speed if your video goes past the duration limit. Your in-game ID needs to be visible in the video.


There are rewards for the top 30 players up for grabs, with a snapshot to be taken on November 30th at 8 AM UTC. 

  • Top 1: 1500 $FARA + 10 Random Epic Materials +  5 Random Rare Materials + 1 Rare Equipment
  • Top 2: 1000 $FARA + 8 Random Epic Materials +  4 Random Rare Materials + 1 Uncommon Equipment
  • Top 3: 1000 $FARA  + 6 Random Epic Materials +  3 Random Rare Materials + 1 Common Equipment
  • Top 4: 500 $FARA + 4 Random Epic Materials +  2 Random Rare Materials
  • Top 5: 500 $FARA + 2 Random Epic Materials +  1 Random Rare Materials
  • Top 6: 300 $FARA +  5 Random Rare Materials
  • Top 7: 300 $FARA   + 4 Random Rare Materials
  • Top 8: 300 $FARA + 3 Random Rare Materials
  • Top 9: 300 $FARA + 2 Random Rare Materials
  • Top 10: 300 $FARA   + 1 Random Rare Material
  • Top 11: 250 $FARA + 5 Random Common Materials
  • Top 12: 250 $FARA + 4 Random Common Materials
  • Top 13: 250 $FARA  + 3 Random Common Materials
  • Top 14: 250 $FARA  + 2 Random Common Materials
  • Top 15: 250 $FARA + 1 Random Common Material
  • Top 16: 200 $FARA
  • Top 17: 200 $FARA 
  • Top 18: 200 $FARA
  • Top 19: 200 $FARA 
  • Top 20: 200 $FARA
  • Top 21-30: 150 $FARA
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