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Aug 10, 2023

Eldarune — WoE Dungeon Mode Launches on Mainnet, Unveiling Exclusive Rewards and Epic Adventures

Embark on a Mythical Journey in the Latest Dungeon Mode Release from Eldarune — The World of Elymnias.
Eldarune — WoE Dungeon Mode Launches on Mainnet, Unveiling Exclusive Rewards and Epic Adventures

In a long-awaited moment of excitement, the developers of "Eldarune — The World of Elymnias" have officially announced the launch of their highly anticipated game mode, "Eldarune — WoE" Dungeon, on the mainnet. This milestone marks the beginning of an immersive adventure into the fantastical world of Elymnias, where players can explore the depths of dungeons, engage in epic battles, and reap extraordinary rewards.

For the fortunate few, a special treat awaits. Owners of Alec WL (Whitelist) are being rewarded with four distinct Oathstones of varying rarity. These tokens not only symbolize their early involvement but also serve as key assets within the game. If you missed the first wave, there's still a chance to participate. The second phase of Alec NFT WL applications is open to 50 more gamers. To qualify, players need to hold a minimum of 750 $ELDA tokens in their wallets and complete the application form on the official website. Notably, holding more tokens increases one's chances of being selected.

Alec, the protagonist of the Eldarune — WoE Campaign mode, represents more than just a character. He's a Soulbounded NFT, a cutting-edge digital asset, and the essential key to unlock all game modes within Eldarune — The World of Elymnias. Possessing Alec NFT requires holding 750 $ELDA tokens and securing a WL. Winners of the Alec NFT WL can follow specific steps to claim their prized asset, granting them access to the game's expansive universe.

Dungeon Mode Challenge

For those seeking thrilling challenges and a true test of skill, Dungeon mode beckons. This mode caters to hardcore gamers and dedicated enthusiasts, offering intense battles and formidable foes. Players will confront waves of Quadro-enemies across diverse dungeon maps and stages. Triumph demands defeating all enemies at each level, with rewards scaling exponentially in tandem with the escalating difficulty. This incentive ensures a gratifying experience for those who dare to take on the Dungeon's trials.

Champions, the noble warriors of Elymnias, come in over 40 unique NFT variations. These diverse characters encompass classes like Sorcerer, Justiciar, Paladin, Healer, and more, each possessing distinct abilities and playstyles. Assemble a formidable team of at least four Champions to vie for victory in Dungeons. Some Champions can be met during Alec's campaign mode, forging alliances to combat Elymnias' monstrous inhabitants and learning their narratives through AI-powered interactions.

While Dungeon mode is now a reality, players can anticipate the mainnet announcement of Campaign mode, offering further opportunities to explore the captivating narratives and challenges of Elymnias. The journey continues as players uncover the mysteries behind the realm's realms and forge their legacies in battles of mythic proportions.

How to Forge your Legend

To begin your journey, visit, download the DGM (Digard Gaming Manager), install, and register. Then, navigate to to claim your Alec NFT. With Eldarune downloaded and graphics optimized, immerse yourself in gameplay. Visit to check rewards and enhancements. Strengthen your Champions by upgrading items and conquering harder dungeons.

For support, engage with the community on social channels to ensure a seamless adventure through Elymnias.

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