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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 19, 2022

Echoes of Empire - Ships and Blueprints Explained

Echoes of Empire is a sci-fi strategy game that has recently unveiled details of ships and blueprints used in the game.
Echoes of Empire - Ships and Blueprints Explained

Echoes of Empire is an upcoming sci-fi strategy game that has recently unveiled details of ships and blueprints used in the game. The ship is a primary tool players require to explore the Echoes of Empire world. There are two types of major ships used in the game – Flagship and Capital Ships. Each has its specific attributes and features. The publisher, Gala Games, has released details of each and every ship available in the game.

What are Ships in Echoes of Empire?

The Echoes of Empire game will allow players to build, upgrade and own fleets of ships to control their part of the galaxy. To protect their sectors, players need ships to destroy enemy players. The ships are primary tools in the world of Echoes of Empire and help players to compete in quests, expeditions, and PvP combat. All ships are unique and have different features. Based on the attributes and power of a ship, players must strategize and select the ships to send them out on missions.

echoes of empire screenshot

The two types of ships available are Capital and Flagships. The Capital ships are the standard fleet-leading ship and have less power than Flagships but are cheaper to manufacture. 

Capital ships come in common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarities. On the other hand, Flagships are more powerful, so they don't have a common rarity due to their superiority. The Flagships have advantages over Capital ships as they have a Flagship only module and can be traded via in-game auctions. As you already know, Flagship is a premium ship, so its cost is higher than Capital ships.

Classes and Stats of Ships

The ships are available in 12 different classes and are divided into factions. The three factions are Garrison, Royals, and Arbeiters. The different classes of ships under the Garrison faction are Commander Sniper, Specialist, and Iron Dreadnought: Ancient Flagship Only. Classes under the Royals faction are Archivist, Ambassador, Guardian, and Resplendent Empress: Ancient Flagship Only. Finally, under Arbeiters factions, the classes are Geologist, Surveyor, Machinist, and Hulking Terraformer: Ancient Flagship Only.

Echoes of Empire- Commander Ships

The stats of a ship define its strengths and weaknesses, and it depends on the faction that the ship belongs to. All types of ships under a particular faction have almost the same stats. The different stats are:


  • Movement
  • Reconnaissance
  • Diplomacy


  • Defense
  • Attack Power
  • Agility


  • Harvesting
  • Storage
  • Questing and Commerce

What are Construction Blueprints?

Construction Blueprints (CB) can be used to construct new ships, and each CB has its parameters. These CBs are required by players when all the ships have been destroyed, and a new ship is needed. Each CB can be used to manufacture a single ship at a time, and having multiple CBs give players the freedom the choose the parameters. CBs having one-time use limit are destroyed when the limit has been reached. 

Echoes of Empire - Commander Blueprints

The CBs can manufacture different Flagships such as Ancient Flagship, Origin Flagship, MK 2 Flagships, MK3 flagships, and MK4 flagships. Players can buy Construction Blueprints from the Gala Games store. Once a specific Flagship CB set has been sold, it will not be sold again in the future by Gala Games. 

Players can buy CBs for personal use and manufacture tradable flagships to auction them later. The utilities under each Flagship CBs vary, including manufacturing speed, tier-up material, inventory, unique model, personal manufacturing limit, and tradeable manufacturing limit.

The Flagship CBs can also be used to create Capital ship CBs and sell them at the same time via the in-game Auction House. These Capital ships will have more power as Flagship CB owners can select the rarity, tier, and level. Capital Ship CBs can also be manufactured using Capital Ships CBs, which can be obtained as in-game items from quests and daily missions. However, Capital Ship CBs have limited power and are destroyed once all the powers have been used.

Echoes of Empire - Flagship Utility Table of Ships

What is Echoes of Empire?

The Echoes of Empire is an upcoming sci-fi 4x strategy game in which players build, own, and upgrade a fleet of ships. Players can send the ships on missions and quests and earn rewards. They can also join guilds to combat enemies and gather resources scattered across the universe. 

Players can upgrade warships, repair fleets, and craft new weapons at the Command Station. In addition, players own in-game assets such as ships, which are the game's core mechanic. The game has been created by Ion Games, is part of the Gala Games ecosytem and is still in the development process.

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