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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Feb 2, 2022

Earn $WRLD Playing Minecraft in NFT Worlds

Earn $WRLD token while playing Minecraft on the NFT Worlds multiplayer server! World owners can install the server code and begin crafting their own experiences.
Earn $WRLD Playing Minecraft in NFT Worlds

From the beginning, NFT Worlds promised something more than just pretty pictures from their NFT collection of Minecraft Worlds. And after already hosting a successful scavenger hunt worth over 90 thousand dollars, NFT Worlds moves on to the next phase of their metaverse - allowing players to earn while playing multiplayer Minecraft!

Selling Minecraft Seeds as NFTs? This seems ridiculous to most Minecraft players. After all, seeds cost nothing to to make and are often freely traded on forums and blogs. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a seed attached to a pretty picture?

Well, as it turns out, NFT Worlds are more than just Minecraft seeds. They are a series of configurable experiences that share a common token and server code. Including the ability to create fun and meaningful play to earn adventures! NFT Worlds offers support for building and creating your own multiplayer Minecraft experience. Future plans include integration of the WRLD token and options for interconnecting the worlds.

NFT Worlds Multiplayer Minecraft Server

NFT Worlds multiplayer world
NFT Worlds multiplayer world

To kick things off, NFT Worlds opened up their own Multiplayer server. Active players on the server earn 20 WRLD every hour. At the moment, that works out to about $2 per hour. Not anything that will make someone rich, but earning money while you play a game you love is a hard offer to turn down!

With something like this, you might imagine that bots would quickly flood the world. The team is aware of this issue and they keep a watchful eye out for botting activity.

Connect with version 1.17.1 or the latest 1.18 release. Other versions are likely to throw errors when connecting. The server name is You can also connect directly from the website at

Once in game, connect your wallet in game with the /wallet

command. Reward tokens are airdropped to the linked wallet every 72 hours on the Polygon network. Polygon will serve as the primary payment and transaction layer for NFT Worlds.

In the main castle area, PvP and building are not allowed. Outside of the castle, there is a red line. Past that is the PvP area. If you keep going, there will be a second red line. Past that one, and you can break, kill, and and build to your heart's content.

The team plans to continue to add features, such as the ability to spend $WRLD in game. This server will function as a production testing environment for new code and updates.

World Server Code Released

Speaking of servers, the NFT Worlds team also released the first version of their multiplayer server code. This is the baseline NFT Worlds server code. Forked from other open source Minecraft server software (Airplane/Pufferfish and Paper),NFT Worlds tweaked and added code to handle more players and make changes specific to their needs. The latest NFT Worlds server .jar files liveat Development can be tracked at

For any developers who find issues, like to tinker, or want to suggest improvements to the code, pull requests may be submitted to the team. Read the guidelines for that at

Additional transaction layers for blockchain interaction and $WRLD token, as well as developer APIs are expected to arrive in February. But for now, world owners can get setup on the server code and begin setting up with their own worlds. For those with completed, playable builds, the team will soon setup router configurations so that your world shows up as an option on the website at ! Going forward, world owners will also be able to link to their own websites and projects, as well as have some configuration options for how their world appears on the site.

The NFT Worlds multiplayer server uses the same server code, which has run just fine with as many as 400 players in world at the same time.

playable NFT Worlds
choose a server

What is NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds is a collection of NFTs based on Minecraft seeds. Procedurally generated, each world contains resources of various rarities. This affects the world’s collection value and airdrop potential. But this isn’t just a simple Minecraft seed. Each world is fully customizeable, that can be synced up the blockchain, shared with other players, even leased and monetized!

Owners are free to edit their world as they wish. At any time, owners can sync and save those changes back to the NFT. Any changes are then reflected in the NFT’s image! There aren’t many projects with mutable NFTs, so this is pretty cool to see in action. Some of these worlds have been molded by professional Minecraft builders into really amazing and detailed landscapes.

Future plans include an integrated, play to earn experience based on the WRLD token. The WRLD token already trades on several decentralized exchanges. The value of NFT worlds has skyrocketed over the last few months. What cost only 0.1 ETH not long ago, now goes for over 3 ETH! The number of worlds are limited to 10,000. There will be no more. A number of NFT projects have already grabbed an NFT World to establish a base or headquarters for their community. This includes Metabears, Llamaverse, Bad Baby Dinos, Rare Ghost Club, Gray Boys, and CrazySkulls.

And for those with the funds and vision but not the time or skill to build their own world, there are several ‘Verified Builders’ available and willing to put in the work for you.

Want to learn more about NFT Worlds and how to get started? Read our full guide and review here.

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