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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jun 19, 2022

Cosmic Champs First NFT Sale Coming to Algogems on June 22

Cosmic Champs will drop its first NFT Collection, composed of approximately 1,500 NFTs, on Algogems starting on June 22th.
Cosmic Champs First NFT Sale Coming to Algogems on June 22

Cosmic Champs will drop its first NFT Collection, composed of approximately 1500 NFTs, on Algogems starting on June 22th. The sale event is divided in three rounds, each with a different mint price. The starting price will be $10 in $COSG, the governance currency. 

There are six types of NFTs in the Cosmi Champ ecosystem: Champs, Planets, Ships, Blueprints, Treasures, and Utilities. 

The first season has about 1500 NFTs - there are 156 versions of each Champ, and about 100 versions of each Ship. Ships have a special role in the game because they are a player's base in the battle arenas, mine steel chips which can be used to mint new ships and are a big part of a player’s strategy.

Cosmic Champ chose Algogems as their partner for this mint. Algogems is an innovative, carbon-neutral Algorand minting platform. Fees will be minimal, and the team is looking forward to a long-lasting collaboration with the platform.

Fractional NFTs

The main NFTs are generated through a fractional model. In fact, as explained in their whitepaper, none of the standard NFT generation processes can fit 3d characters with in-depth customization and great details. 

Usually, NFT collections default to automatic variations (eg. 10,000 NFTs collections) or manual drawings. However, until Algorand, no process was scalable and artistically accurate enough for Cosmic Champs.

Thanks to Algorand’s advanced minting capabilities, Cosmic Champs will continue to release their NFTs in “seasons”. Each season of NFTs will contain different versions of the same Champs. 

Some will be unique with the most advanced statistics (1:1), some will be rare with mid-level statistics (10:1), and others will be common with less enhanced statistics (100:1). In future, there will be commons with basic statistics (1000:1).

All fractions will feature the same character, but the skin and appearance will change. For example, there could be a “chrome-plated tiny robot” (common), and a “golden tiny robot” (rare). Rarity also determines abilities. 

Generally speaking, a rare tiny robot, per our example, will have better statistics than a chrome-plated one. However, the strength of an NFT in battle depends on its synergies with the other cards, so a lower-level NFT could still be more useful for your game experience than a rarer version of the same Champ.

Mint your Cosmic Champ NFT

Round 1 and 2 of the mint will only be open for whitelisted wallets. You can check if your wallet is whitelisted in the official Cosmic Champ NFT guide here

Round 3 has an undefined date, and will only occur if there’s a remaining supply of Champs and/or ships after Round 2. Round 3 will be a public sale. 

Most people not included in the whitelist will need to purchase their NFTs from the secondary market. Holders will likely sell them on Algogems. All sales will be conducted using $COSG only via the Cosmic Champs shop on Algogems: The minting is a shuffle. When purchasing the NFT, you’re actually buying a ticket in the shuffle, which will give you a random NFT from the collection.

Round 1 – 22 June 19:00 UTC

Out of the white-listed addresses from the Cosmic Champs community, 50 addresses have been randomly selected to buy one NFT from a shuffle during a 48-hour window or until sold out.

There will be Uncommoms, Rares, Epics, and Legendaries available in this round. The price of Cosmic Champs NFTs will be $10 USD in COSG with one NFT available to each of the 50 selected wallet addresses.

All wallets selected for round 1 can also participate in round 2. Click this link to check if your wallet was selected to participate in round 1.

Round 2 – 29 June 19:00 UTC

Each wallet on the white list will be able to buy up to 6 NFTs from a shuffle during a 48-hour window or until sold out. Get in quick because we think this round will sell out fast. There will be Uncommoms, Rares, Epics, and Legendaries available in this round. The mint price will be $25 USD in $COSG. Check if your wallet is whitelisted for Round 2

Round 3 — TBC

If anything is left over from Round 2 it will be sold in a public sale, on a first-come-first-served basis. Mint prices will be higher than in Round 2.

About Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs is set to be a unique mobile-first Play to Earn title, giving NFTs real value and providing a free-to-play mode where players can enjoy the game without any financial commitment.

Cosmic Champs is a space-themed game with a tower rush format where two players battle each other for three minutes. The objective is to destroy the opposing player’s base by any means possible. The winner takes home all the Treasure on offer and the loser leaves empty-handed.

Players build an eight-card deck before they go into a fight, which they use to attack and defend against their opponent’s cards. Champs, structures, and spells make up these cards. Winning requires a complimentary mix of each type of card and a strong battle strategy. 

Players can reach the enemy’s base following three paths, all different in length and difficulty. Cosmic Champs has similar gameplay to the hugely successful Clash Royale, with added play-to-earn mechanics.

Players can battle, earn rewards, and learn the game for free. More info on the official website

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