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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jun 9, 2023

Continuum World First Explorers Season 2

Continuum World brings us Season 2 of their free to play, resource gathering game known as First Explorers, with a number of new updates!
Continuum World First Explorers Season 2

Season 2 of the First Explorers event for Continuum World kicked off this week, bringing new twists to harvesting resources, both from the wild and from constructed buildings. But even with the changes, this free to play, resource gathering game still provides play and earn opportunities for everyone!

First Explorers Season 2 has arrived! And with it come some changes. Though the basic game is still the same -- gather resources and complete Missions -- we have a new mini-game around harvesting, as well as the ability for land owners to add NFT Decorations to their plots!

What's New in Season 2?

This season brings a new mini-game interface to basic gathering. Instead of automatically harvesting, players must now move a targeting cursor onto the resource before time runs out. But don't worry, it's a pretty easy task! Though you do get bonuses for hitting just the right spot when the circle is filled.

We also have some shakeups with building ownership. First of all, to get a building up and running on a plot, owners must stake 10,000 UM tokens per building -- up from the 5K needed in Season 1. This was done to try and slow down the creation of resources in-game, but it did rub some land owners the wrong way.

But, the reason that the Continuum World team was worried about over-production is that Season 2 introduces land decorations. Players can now use their NFT Land Decorations to boost production on their plots. Decorations can be placed on any plot, but some are associated with certain Biomes and will perform better there. There is also decreased production bonus when adding duplicate Decorations.

And the final addition to Season 2 of First Explorers are UmiBot Chips. These Chips have two uses. The first is for building owners, allowing them to set their UmiBot to auto-harvest their buildings at the cost of one Chip per harvest. The second use is for building renters. Renters can use UmiBot Chips to speed up production and finish it instantly -- perfect for those times when you just need a few items to finish a Mission. The cost for speeding up production is based on the number of resources left in the queue.

harvesting in season 2 of Continuum World
harvesting in season 2 of Continuum World

How to Play First Explorers

In First Explorers, players can either harvest resources from plots they own, or gather from the wild. Each wild harvest brings in 1-3 different resources based on the type and rarity of the plot. Players can receive harvest bonuses by equipping their Umi with clothing / accessories from the same set. Wild resources spawn randomly. Players just have to look around the map to find an available spot. There are also random chests that appear which can contain various prizes. Players need energy to harvest wild resources. Energy replenishes slowly over time, or players can purchase batteries, which will refill energy supplies.

Each biome type produces different resources. And each rarity level also has a special resource only available at that rarity, making all plots worthwhile. In addition, some resources can only be acquired from buildings. Players who own the buildings and stake 10,000 UM tokens receive a steady, passive income of the associated resource. Other players can pay a fee to use a building to acquire resources, with a small percentage of that fee going directly to the owning player.

And the whole point of gathering all of these resources is to complete Missions. At any given point, there are three active Missions for each Biome type, and a set of three missions that require resources from various biomes. Missions have a limited number of times they can be completed, and they also rotate on a regular basis. Rewards for Missions include NFTs, UM tokens, and Ranking Points. Ranking Points are added to weekly and seasonal leaderboards, with prizes of UM tokens to the top players.

Continuum World First Explorers is free to play. And even without owning land, you can still gather wild resources, complete Missions, and earn NFTs, which you can either use yourself or sell at the in-game market!

To learn more about the First Explorers event and Continuum World, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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