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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Aug 9, 2022

Chumbi Valley Partners with KuCoin to Bring Chumbi Valley Carnival

Chumbi Valley, an RPG blockchain game built on Polygon, has partnered with KuCoin to launch the Chumbi Valley Carnival.
Chumbi Valley Partners with KuCoin to Bring Chumbi Valley Carnival

Chumbi Valley, the RPG blockchain game built on Polygon, has partnered with global crypto exchange KuCoin to launch the Chumbi Valley Carnival. The Chumbi Valley Carnival is a “Play and Trade to Earn” event where players will earn special rewards for participating in various activities.

The three activities include a CHMB trading competition, CHMB participation rewards, and a Discord campaign. The event started at 10:00 AM UTC on August 9, 2022, and continues till 10:00 AM UTC on August 16, 2022. The total prize pool of the Chumbi Valley Carnival is $50,000 CHMB tokens.

What is the Chumbi Valley Carnival?

Chumbi Valley has partnered with KuCoin to host the Chumbi Valley Carnival for its community. The Carnival will contain three activities with a total reward pool of $50,000 tokens. All three activities will have some requirements for winning the prizes and can be joined by all Chumbi Valley Community members. 

To participate in Activity 1 and 2, all participants must have a verified KuCoin account. The winners of Activity 1 will not be eligible for rewards from Activity 2. In KuCoin, users can create a sub-account under the master account. Each master account can be used to make up to 100 sub-accounts. The Sub-accounts and master accounts will be treated as the same accounts in the Carnival.

During the event, players must buy and sell CHMB/USDT or Chumbi Valley coins on the KuCoin platform. The number of rewards will be decided based on the average closing price of CHMB/USDT. The trading activity will be monitored by the KuCoin team, who has the right to cancel the participation of any player due to unfair means. 

KuCoin has updated the top 10 rankings with the highest trading amount in Activity 1 on August 12, 2022. The trading amount is the sum of buying and selling volumes in stock markets. It is the basis for earning rewards in the Chumbi Valley Activity.

Chumbi Valley Carnival Details

Chumbi Valley Carnival Activities

Activity 1: CHMB Trading Competition comes with a prize pool of $26,300 CHMB tokens. The top 30 users having the highest trading amount will be eligible to win rewards in this activity. The rewards have been distributed based on ranks. The top 3 winners will receive $1700, $1500, and $1400 CHMB tokens, respectively. The remaining rewards will be allocated based on the following chart:

Top 1$1,700 in CHMB
Top 2$1,500 in CHMB
Top 3$1,400 in CHMB
Top 4-10$1,100 in CHMB each
Top 11-20$800 in CHMB each
Top 21-30$600 in CHMB each

Activity 2: CHMB Participation Rewards come with a prize pool of $22,000. To win prizes under this activity, one must have a trading amount (buys + sells) of 150,000 $CHMB or more. They must also add CHMB/USDT trading pair to their Favorites list. 

The qualified users will be divided into two pools, A and B. In Pool A, all eligible users will receive prizes worth $15,000 in proportion to their respective trading amount. Pool B is exclusively for users who trade CHMB for the first time. The award for pool B is worth $7000 in CHMB.

Activity 3: AMA participation and Discord campaign come with a prize pool of $1700 CHMB tokens. This campaign rewarded members who joined the AMA session on the KuCoin Discord server. The AMA session was held on August 12, 2022.

What is CHMB token?

$CHMB or Chumbi Token is the official in-game currency of Chumbi Valley and plays a vital role in the game’s ecosystem. The CHMB token is used in transactions for new Chumbi NFTs, lands, breeding fees, Sage fees, marketplace fees, and other in-game items. The holders of CHMB tokens can vote on governance decisions as part of a DAO. By locking CHMB, players can reduce the supply and are rewarded with additional CHMB. The CHMB token will become deflationary with time resulting in a price increase. KuCoin listed the CHMB token in December last year with the trading pair CHMB/USDT.

CHMB Listing on KuCoin

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an adventure game with taming, breeding, and other creature-owning activities. Players explore the world with customizable characters, grow crops on their lands, fight Chumbi battles against cursed Chumbi and other players, craft items, and breed new Chumbis. Chumbis are generative, with different body parts and appearances.

Breeding Generation One Chumbis is coming soon, as mentioned in Stage 3 of the Roadmap. Unfortunately, there are only 4096 original Seed Chumbis. But, some coat types can only be found in the third or fourth generations, encouraging breeders to keep making Seed Pods and also providing value to later generation Chumbi. The game token, CHMB is already circulating. Plans for the token utility include a Chumbi marketplace and a staking portal.

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