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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Sep 26, 2022

Carnage Carnival Transitions to Myria L2 Platform

Carnage Carnival announced that game's NFT assets can now be minted as ERC-21 standard tokens on the Myria platform.
Carnage Carnival Transitions to Myria L2 Platform

Carnage Carnival is a free-to-play MOBA currently in development and originally built on Binance Smart Chain. However, the developers have announced that the game's NFT assets can now be minted as ERC-21 standard tokens on the Myria platform, a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem. The team has chosen the Myria platform for its speed, security, and scalability. This partnership between Carnage Carnival and Myria will enable a better and sharper gaming experience.

Partnership with Myria

The partnership between Myria and Carnage Carnival will help the developers integrate the game on its Etherium L2 platform, providing more speed, scaling, zero gas fees, and high-end security. Enhancing these critical parameters will help scale the game and attain wider adoption. 

Myria's software developer kit or SDKs will help the developers build and deploy quickly without writing much code. It also allows to create NFT collections and list them rapidly. 

'Being able to use the SDK to run tests and debug in a safe environment is vital to delivering a smooth user experience,' says Huzas Harany, tech lead of Carnage Carnival. 'Myria's SDK means you don't have to spend a lot of time coding in Solidity as all of the tools to complete tasks are provided. This has been invaluable in helping us transition elements of Carnage Carnival to Myria's L2.'

Myria SDK is similar to the Hard Hat, Ethereum's development kit. The main difference is that Myria SDK facilitates the execution of programs on its L2 solution, for which developers don't need advanced coding experience. Developers can efficiently run tests, debug code and enhance the user experience using Myria's tools. This is important because the game's backend will transition to Myria's L2 platform.

Carnage Carnival to Use Myria

Carnage Carnival Gameplay

Carnage Carnival is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that allows players to earn by competing in different game modes. The competitive gameplay of Carnage Carnival involves mixing and matching Heroes with varying combinations of weapons to produce a character matching a player's skill. Players are ranked and rewarded based on a ranking system.

Each player is given 2 random non-NFT Heroes, 2 non-NFT weapons, and 2 non-NFT masks to start with. The free Heroes can be used to earn tokens but cannot be converted into an NFT Hero; neither can they be traded. 

The NFT Heroes can be earned by winning matches and completing challenges. Players who don't have NFT Heroes can earn the in-game token $TIX, whereas players having at least one NFT Hero will be able to earn $CAC tokens. The higher the rarity of NFT Heroes, the more will be the amount of $CAC tokens earned. At the start of each match, players can mix and match skill sets and choose a suitable one.


$CAC: $CAC is the official in-game token of Carnage Carnival and is the center of the game's economy. The $CAC token can be obtained from exchanges, rewards, and season leaderboard rewards. In addition, it can be freely traded among players. $CAC can be used for staking, upgrading buildings, producing heroes and equipment, marketplace fees, purchasing cosmetics in the game, and refreshing a Hero's battle count. The total supply of $CAC tokens is 1 billion.

$TIX: $TIX is the in-game token of Carnage Carnival, which has a utility mechanism for NFT and free-to-play players. The $TIX tokens can be used to swap for a tradeable NFT common equipment box. Players can also buy cosmetics and taunts using the $TIX tokens, which can be used to generate a sound alert and then players multiple enemies together.


Q4 2022 (October-December): A new marketplace will be launched along with the Closed beta, Private Alpha test, and Open Beta test. NFT Boxes will be revealed, and staking will take place.

Q1 2023(January-March): The game will be launched officially. An NFT building system will be introduced, a rental and scholarship system will be started, and finally, the first Season of the game will be launched.

The Carnage Carnival team

The team of Carnage Carnival consists of passionate gamers and game development professionals who themselves love playing games and have collaborated to create the Carnage Carnival game, keeping in mind the requirements of web2 gamers as well as web3 gamers. The Project lead and game designer of Carnage Carnival is Raja Iskandar, Tech Lead is Huzas Harany, Community Lead is Shaq Rahim. The Web development lead is Amirul Ashraff, Creative Lead – Naozx, and Jashir Junaidi – Composer. The Advisor for the Carnage Carnival project is Dynamic Crypto Gaming.
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