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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Oct 26, 2022

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals Blockchain Game Announced

Developed by blockchain studio Blocksmith and Thirdverse Group, Captain Tsubasa - Rivals is an soccer game based on comic series.
Captain Tsubasa - Rivals Blockchain Game Announced

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals is an upcoming soccer game based on the famous manga and anime series by the same name. Backed by Animoca Brands and Developed by blockchain studio Blocksmith and Thirdverse Group, Captain Tsubasa - Rivals is a smartphone game involving NFT characters that allow players to compete in soccer battles and earn rewards.

Players can battle with rivals in PvE mode or compete against users in real-time. The entire game revolves around the main character, "Captain Tsubasa Ozora" and how he faces challenges on the football field.

In the Captain Tsubasa - Rivals, players can fight against rival players using character NFTs. You can beat your rivals to earn rewards, collect resources to develop the NFT characters and compete for rival pieces to complete your rival card. 

Players can collect items at the end of each match and exchange them for rewards such as new captains and support characters. In addition, the game experience has been enriched by developers using uniquely designed illustrations, generative background music tied to players' NFTs, and a set of in-game special attack animations. 

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals Character Skills

The theme of Captain Tsubasa - Rivals is to enjoy the gameplay while strengthening the NFT characters to compete against rivals. Furthermore, the game focuses on the long-term aspect of the in-game NFTs by maintaining an economy where users can play the game for longer. This is ensured by the fact that players can increase the attributes of NFT characters and balance the number of utility tokens users can earn and spend over time.

The NFT characters are also generative, meaning that a program automatically creates them, and no two NFTs are similar in nature and attributes. These characters also resemble players from the original Captain Tsubasa comics. 

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals Character NFT

Marketplace and NFT Minting

The game will have its own marketplace and shop where players can buy items required, such as tickers, player packs, and equipment. At the store, players can buy PvP mode tickets required for participating in PvP battles, Premium GK Tickets, and Trap Tickets. Additionally, players can buy Character NFTs, equipment for enhancing characters, player packs, and mint scrolls at the marketplace. 

Player packs are also obtained by minting two Parent characters using Mint Scrolls. The Mint Scrolls must have the same rarity as the parent NFT. During a minting, players need to spend $TSUBASAUT token. On opening the player pack generated by minting, the new child NFT can be obtained.


Captain Tsubasa - Rivals has two game modes - Rival or PvE mode and PvP mode. 

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals Game Modes

PvE Mode

In the PvE mode, players have to fight against rivals from the original comic story and earn rewards. Each stage of the mode has opponents of varying strengths and rewards. 

At the start of a match, you have to select cards of the NFT players depending upon which the rival points are calculated. If your rival points are higher than your opponent, then you are the winner. Rival/PvE mode rewards include $TSUBASAUT, Treasure Box Rival Piece, and Proficiency Level.

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals PvE Game Mode

PvP Mode

The PvP mode, on the other hand, is more interesting as it involves a football match of three turns based on which winners are determined. Players fight to obtain Rival Card pieces required to complete the Rival Card. 

The Rival Cards have 6 pieces that unlock rewards such as NFTs, support characters, and Mint Scroll upon collecting. To participate in PvP mode, you need a PvP ticket which can be purchased in the shop or acquired in Rival Mode. After that, you need to select a target Rival Card and a piece of the selected card to form a team. On winning the match, you can claim the target Rival piece while the loser will lose that card.

Captain Tsubasa - Rivals PvP Game Mode


The game will use a dual-token economy. The utility token of the game is $TSUBASAUT which can be earned as an in-game reward. The governance token is $TSUBASAGT which can be obtained from in-game activities and used to participate in the game's governance.

You can learn more about the play-to-earn economy in the project’s whitepaper.

Captain Tsubasa Blockchain Game Tokenomics


Captain Tsubasa - Rivals is scheduled to launch at the end of 2022. The developers will release the game using the IP of the famous Japanese soccer manga Captain Tsubasa with over 70 million copies in Japan. Due to the popularity of the comic series, the game is expected to attract football fans worldwide. The game also focuses on players seeking long-term return-of-investment from crypto gaming as players can develop their NFT characters over time. 

The developers of the Captain Tsubasa blockchain game have also planned to add new game modes and continuously add fresh content and collaborations so players stay energized. However, the company has not yet published the roadmap and other token details; we expect them to be released soon.
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