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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jun 11, 2024

Captain and Company Season 2 Brings Exciting New Features and Rewards

Players can now enjoy new Deathmatch and Adventure modes, target enemy ships tactically, and equip new weapons. The updated inventory system includes various currencies and blockchain assets, while the revamped quest system offers daily and weekly challenges.
Captain and Company Season 2 Brings Exciting New Features and Rewards

What is Captain & Company?

Captain & Company is an exciting multiplayer naval combat game available on PC, browser, and mobile. It's free to play, but to be a Captain, you need to buy or rent a ship. Up to 128 players can join each battle, with Captains inviting up to 10 friends on their ship. The game is available on (Blast network), and players can earn tokens through in-game activities.

What's New in Season 2

New Gameplay Modes and Mechanics

Season 2 introduces two new gameplay modes: Deathmatch and Adventure. In Deathmatch, players face off in 1v1 battles in an open arena. The goal is to disable your opponent quickly and strategically. Adventure mode combines PvE and PvP elements. Players start in a non-PvP zone fighting NPC pirates but can then enter a PvP zone for higher rewards.

A new mechanic called Systems Damage allows players to target specific parts of enemy ships, like cannons and sails. This adds a layer of strategy and rewards precise aiming. New weapons, including a Gatling gun and a scatter cannon, have also been added.

Cosmetics and Inventory Upgrades

Players can now use cosmetic hats and access a more complete inventory system. This includes currencies like mBLAST, doubloons, and nuggies, as well as synced blockchain assets like Land Crystals and Skellies. The crafting system will be updated, adding more equipment and a marketplace.

Quests and Daily Challenges

A new quest system includes daily, rotating daily, and weekly quests. Completing quests rewards players with mBLAST, Land Crystals, and other surprises. Daily check-in rewards will increase with consecutive days of play, encouraging constant engagement.

Earning Rewards

Seasonal Rewards

Players can earn mBLAST and Blast Gold by completing quests and taking part in tournaments. Land Crystals, used to acquire in-game land, can be earned through quests and by converting doubloons at the end of the season. Doubloons are gained from various in-game activities, including defeating opponents and completing quests.

Tournaments and Prize Pools

Season 2 features a series of tournaments with over $200,000 in prizes. Players can compete on MMR leaderboards in the Captain or Company categories. Creating or joining a guild can help players climb the ranks and earn more rewards.

Daily and Weekly Quests

Completing quests and daily check-ins provides incremental rewards. The quest system seeks to balance casual and competitive play, ensuring that all types of players can earn.

Joining the Fun

Creating a KAP Account

To save your progress and use NFTs, you need a account. You can play as a guest but won't be able to save progress or use NFTs. Joining or creating a guild on can also enhance your gameplay experience, especially in tournaments.

Becoming a Captain

While the game is free to play, becoming a Captain requires purchasing or renting a ship. Captains can earn by defeating other Captains and looting their nuggies and NFTs. Company members earn by supporting their Captain and sharing in the loot.

Anti-Botting and Multi-Accounting

The game has strict anti-botting measures and allows multi-accounting as long as no bots or macros are used. Captains have the power to boot players for slacking off, maintaining a fair gaming environment.

Gameplay Mechanics

PvP and PvE Elements

Captain & Company offers both PvP and PvE gameplay. Deathmatch mode focuses on 1v1 PvP battles, while Adventure mode starts with PvE and allows players to enter a PvP zone for higher rewards. This balance caters to both competitive and casual players.

In-Game Economy

The game uses several tokens, including mBLAST, doubloons, and nuggies. Players can earn these tokens through gameplay and use them for various in-game activities, like crafting and purchasing items. The economy is designed to be sustainable, with gameplay emissions equal to revenue plus new NFTs.

Crafting and Player-Owned Shops

In the future, players will be able to craft items and run shops on islands. These shops produce consumables, cosmetics, and upgrades, contributing to the player-driven economy. Crafting and shop management add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to engage in economic activities.

Ready to Set Sail?

Captain & Company Season 2: Black Blade Renegades offers a wealth of new content and improvements. With new gameplay modes, mechanics, and rewards, players have more ways to earn. Whether you're a seasoned Captain or a new player, there's plenty to explore in this thrilling naval game. So, gather your crew, set sail, and conquer the high seas in this swashbuckling MMO!

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