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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 10, 2022

Buy NFTs for RZR, the First Release from Gala Films

Gala Films announces their first release for a sci-fi series called RZR. Buy RZR NFTs now to help them start production and earn special rewards and access.
Buy NFTs for RZR, the First Release from Gala Films

We talk a lot on here about gaming NFTs. But NFTs have more potential than just games and artwork. Gala Films, once of those projects finding new ways to utilize NFTs, just announced an NFT sale for their first film production, a gritty sci-fi series called RZR.

First announced back in June, Gala Films seeks to bring crowdfunding and web3 tech to the film production world. Just a few months later, they unvei their first release,a dystopian, sci-fi action series called RZR. Created by a film company called Exertion3., the official description calls it a 'world steeped in neural implants, hacker culture, and black-market crime', giving it a heavy Neuromancer vibe.

Interested parties have a number of different NFTs to choose from. These are Blades, The Genesis, Concept Vision Boards, and The Warehouse, in increasing rarity. Each one is a limited edition item and will provide special perks and rewards related to the film. Prices are 0.076 ETH, 0.249 ETH, 1.153 ETH, and 5.768 ETH respectively (as of the time of this article.These may be dynamic prices based on a USD value but I'm not sure). Payments can be made in GALA or ETH. The funds must be in your Gala wallet to make a purchase.

screenshot from one of the animated RZR NFTs
screenshot from one of the animated RZR NFTs

The common level NFT, Blades, includes 90 day access to The Secret Cinema Club (apparently what this club does is still a secret as well!), access to weekly streams and behind the scenes footage from the production, a digital collectible made from the concept art, and lifetime access to watch RZR on Gala Films. The Genesis NFT kicks the rewards up a notch with 180 day pass to the Secret Cinema Club, and a chance to win a raffle to attend a real life event. Concept boards, the epic level NFTs, offer permanent membership in the Club, a greater chance to win an invite to the IRL event, and an epic level concept art digital collectible.

And finally, the big boy, which costs about $7700 USD, The Warehouse. Only 18 of these NFTs are available. And appropriately, they offer significantly heftier rewards. Now don't expect to get rich through this NFT. But if you're into film production and/or really into this series concept, this might interest you. Owners of The Warehouse get to attend an in-person script reading with the cast and crew and also visit the production crew on set. In addition, they can even get a speaking role in the series with coaching from the writer and producer, David Bianchi! There are also special collectible prizes for this top tier NFT investor, including signed, physical scripts, cases, and other merchandise.

Now, it is important to note that purchasing these NFTs is basically an investment into the development of the film. The series is not yet ceated. In fact, it's not even in the pre-production stage! View this as a kind of Kickstarter for film production. By investing now you're helping get the project off the ground in return for later rewards.

Visit for more information and to purchase the NFTs.

And like many of the projects under the Gala Games umbrella, Gala Films have their own nodes. Node operators help run the Gala Films ecosystem and distribute content to users in return for ongoing rewards. Visit to learn more.

RZR poster
RZR poster
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