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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jun 16, 2024

Blocklords Dynasty Launches on Base: A New Era of Web3 Medieval Gaming

Blocklords Dynasty, the latest expansion of the medieval strategy game Blocklords, is now live on the Base network. Players can build and expand their Dynasties, and earn rewards through Duels and Missions.
Blocklords Dynasty Launches on Base: A New Era of Web3 Medieval Gaming

The long-awaited expansion, Blocklords Dynasty, has officially launched. Now live on the Base blockchain, this new medieval MMO promises to enhance the gaming experience. 

What is Blocklords?

Blocklords is a player-driven MMO medieval grand strategy game where your decisions and skills shape the world and narrative. Choose from several playstyles, such as farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling, and forge your own destiny as your Hero. With the new Dynasty game, players will get to expand their empire and earn rewards. The main Blocklords game itself is now live in early access on the Epic Store.

Blocklords Dynasty: Deep Game Mechanics

Blocklords Dynasty offers a web-based experience where players take on the role of a House leader. Each player starts by creating a unique Banner, which represents their House, and makes strategic decisions to expand their Dynasty. The game features a complex system of Heroes, which are crucial for the success of a House. Heroes play critical roles in marriage and earn rewards through duels and missions. New players are given a free Hero, The Jester, to begin their journey. Heroes can also be bought or imported from the main Blocklords game.

Play and Earn with NFTs

Blocklords Dynasty comes with a set of P2E mechanics. Players engage in Duels and Missions to earn resources and Renown, which are used for leveling up their Houses. The game also includes a Mausoleum for fallen Heroes, who continue to generate Renown daily.

To begin, Renown is an in-game currency and is used for leveling up Houses, researching Traditions, and sending Heroes on new adventures. Like the main game, Dynasty also includes $LRDS, an on-chain token that allows players to purchase in-game items, gain influence, and take part in governance decisions. Players can lock or spend $LRDS tokens to improve their on-chain experience.

Connecting to the Main Game

It should be noted that Blocklords Dynasty seamlessly integrates with the main Blocklords game, allowing players to import Heroes and use their assets. This improves the gameplay by providing continuity and allowing players to build upon their progress. As mentioned earlier, Dynasty includes a host of new systems, such as House Levels, Traditions, and the ability to engage in marriages.

House Levels and Traditions

The level of a House reflects its growth and influence within the Blocklords Dynasty. Each level unlocks new capabilities, offering more strategic options. Renown is key to unlocking these levels, which in turn increases the number of free attempts for Duels and Missions. Traditions, unique to each House, boost Heroes' skills in Duels and Missions. These traditions will be unlocked as Houses level up, turning your Heroes into legendary figures.

Duels, Missions, and Events

Duels and Missions are crucial for earning resources. The game also includes special events, like the Royal Orb event, which players can access as they upgrade their Houses. Gamedrop 3, an airdrop event, further engages the community by giving out $LRDS tokens through the collection and merging of Orbs.

Marriage and Heirs

Marriage is a future feature that will allow players to marry their Heroes, forge alliances, and produce heirs. This strategic tool is vital for securing succession. Heirs ensure the continuity and growth of a Dynasty, making it crucial for long-term success.

Getting Started in Blocklords Dynasty

To begin, players must first create a House by generating a Banner. This involves choosing a shape, symbol, color, and name for the House. Players will need an Invite Code to proceed, which can be obtained through the main Blocklords game. Once the House is created, players can start engaging in Missions and Duels. 

Tutorial and Gameplay

The game offers a complete tutorial to help new players get started. Players learn how to create a House, undertake Missions, engage in Duels, and heal their Heroes. The tutorial missions are designed to be quick and straightforward, allowing players to learn the basics before delving deeper.

No doubt, Blocklords Dynasty marks a huge step forward for MetaKing Studios. By including NFTs, $LRDS tokens, and a host of new features, Dynasty offers a rewarding experience for all. To learn more, check out the game walkthrough

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