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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 30, 2022

Big Time Reveals Economy Details

Big Time reveals details about their planned game economy which features tradeable, upgradeable, player crafted, cosmetic items.
Big Time Reveals Economy Details

Big Time recently dropped a video outlining details about their game economy and how Space NFTs and the upcoming utility NFTs fit into the picture. Featuring cosmetic NFTs crafted by players, Big Time wants to build a player driven economy.

The Big Time economy is based around player crafting. These are items that players can use and wear in-game. However, they are not items that provide gameplay bonuses. Instead, players craft and trade cosmetic NFTs.

Cosmetic NFTs in Big Time are always limited. Big Time runs in seasons, with a new set of cosmetic items available each season. Only a certain amount of each rarity willexist, with higher rarities more limited in number. In fact, each seasonal cosmetic item can only have one, single Unique rarity item in existence -- ever! And since upgrading requires consuming three copies of the lower level of NFT, crafting an item all the way up to Unique would require over 19 thousand common NFTs! Unique cosmetics will certainly be a major status symbol in-game.

Upgrading Cosmetic NFTs does not provide any stat bonuses. Instead it upgrades the visuals for the item. Certain NFTs may also provide access to exclusive content in-game.

Big Time Spaces and Utility NFTs

Spaces in Big Time are an expansion to player housing. Every player has access to their own Starter Area which they can decorate and add vendors too. But then, players can also attach Spaces to their home, expanding it and opening up new options. Each Space has an entrance point, and one or more exit points. Larger and rarer Spaces have more Exits. Players can attachother Spaces or utility NFTs such as a Forge or Armory to the exit points. This limits how much players can expand, and encourages them to purchase extra Space NFTs when they want to attach additional utility NFTs and engage in crafting.

Space - housing in Big Time
Space - housing in Big Time

The rarity of a a Space determines the rarity of the utility NFTs that can be attached to it. Basically, a Space can't have a utility NFT attached to it that is rarer than the Space. Exalted Spaces are the exception and can attach any rarity NFT. This includes rarities higher than Exalted -- Exotic, Transcendent, and Unique. This same pattern holds for decorative items as well.

Though this is an interesting system, I wonder if it won't suppress the value of higher rarity, Space-related NFTs since the market for them will be much smaller.

The basic utility NFTs in Big Time are Armory, Forge, and Time Warden. Players use the Armory and Forge for refining Cosmetic Shards (used in crafting), crafting NFTS, and upgrading NFTs. Upgrading requires three of the same item, as well as TIME tokens and Cosmetic Shards. The items are burned, creating a steady demand for new items as players try to upgrade to fancier versions.

Time Wardens are used to create and recharge Hourglasses. Hourglasses have a capped supply, and are the only means of generating TIME tokens.

sample upgrade recipe
sample upgrade recipe

Players equip an Hourglass and then generate TIME tokens as they play. When the sand for the Hourglass runs out, players must recharge it via a Time Warden. Hourglass construction and recharging takes Time Crystals, which are a premium, in-game only, untradeable currency that players purchase directly from Big Time.

Players can also gain experience for their utility NFTs by using them. Spend Time Crystals to level them up and receive bonuses such as a faster crafting time.

Big Time plans to sell Mystery Boxes that contain three, random utility NFTs.

sample Spaces in Big Time
sample Spaces in Big Time

You can watch the official economy reveal video from the Big Time team on Youtube.

About Big Time RPG game

Big Time is a fantasy, MMORPG dungeon crawler game. Players can adventure in teams of up to six players or head out of their own. The action is fast-paced, with players often wading through large groups of enemies. The adventures are instanced, only available to the current party. Each one generally includes a number of objectives with a big boss to defeat at the end.

Big Time features the usual trio of tank, healer, damage dealer, with four classes to choose from — Time Warrior, Quantum Fixer, Chronomancer, and Shadow Blade. And though the adventures are exclusive to the party, there is an open social hub with merchants and such.

Players can find NFT items on adventures, or craft them using their SPACE, a crafting/housing NFT. Players can customize the items they find to enhance the stats that the player prefers.

Big Time has an interesting system that allows players to level up with multiple classes. Players have Pocket Watches, which keep track of their progress in each class. Players can use these watches to switch classes at any time. This lets players experience all of the different characters, without the annoyance of logging in and out and maintaining separate inventories.

Big Time is currently in closed alpha, available to those with Silver, Gold, and Ruby Passes, and those who own a SPACE NFT. For a full review and guide, read our Big Time review here.

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