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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Nov 17, 2022

Big Time Release Patch 0.23

The latest patch for Big Time brings an overhaul of the skill progression trees, new abilities, new bosses, and much more!
Big Time Release Patch 0.23

Big Time, the multiplayer, fantasy themed, dungeon crawler, brings us a patch for their game with a long list of changes. Still in an early access, alpha stage, patch 0.23 for Big Time revamps skill progression, introduces new abilities, and also adds a ton of improvements, bug fixes, and updates.

Unfortunately, Big Time is not yet in open alpha. In order to participate, players must own either a VIP Pass or a Space, Big Time's equivalent of housing. Big Time's market exists on the new Open Loot platform. Purchasing a pass is not cheap, but Big Time regularly holds giveaways for Ruby Passes. Space NFTs are much more reasonable and the smallest can be purchased for under $50.

Big Time stats infographic
Big Time stats infographic

What's in Patch 0.23?

Patch 0.23 brings some big changes to Big Time. Including changes to the skill progression flow, requiring a wipe of player data. So, with this patch, Big Time resent the progress for all players. This reworking of the skill tree progression includes locked skill branches. Unlocking these branches requires visiting an appropriate trainer. Trainers can be found throughout the lands.

Once you get back to adventuring, you may notice some new bosses appearing. Especially in higher level adventures. These promise more variety and excitement for those final encounters.

Patch 0.23 brings new abilities. Two for Shadowblades -- Explosive Kunai, a fast projectile that causes area fire damage, and Ignition Power Grenade, another AoE attack that reduces the fire resistance of those affected. Seems like a hot combo!

Chronomancer also gets a new ability, Meteor Shower. We didn't get a description for this ability, but presumably it's an AoE damage attack.

In addition, this patch brings a ton of balance tweaks, bug fixes, and user interface improvements. Improvements to the AI,the visuals in some of the dungeons, and the sound effects should make for a better play experience. Also, a number of visual effects associated with various abilities have been updated or added. These not only make the game prettier, but also assist players in more easily identifying the abilities other players are currently using.

Among the interface improvements is a new Adventure Summary screen at the end of a dungeon run. This summarizes loot found, damage dealt, and other stats players might be interested in seeing. Read the Big Time blog post for a full list of changes.

Big Time Game

About Big Time RPG game

Big Time is a fantasy, MMORPG dungeon crawler game. Players can adventure in teams of up to six players or head out of their own. The action is fast-paced, with players often wading through large groups of enemies. The adventures are instanced, only available to the current party. Each one generally includes a number of objectives with a big boss to defeat at the end.

Big Time features the usual trio of tank, healer, damage dealer, with four classes to choose from — Time Warrior, Quantum Fixer, Chronomancer, and Shadow Blade. And though the adventures are exclusive to the party, there is an open social hub with merchants and such.

Players can find NFT items on adventures, or craft them using their SPACE, a crafting/housing NFT. Items may also be customized to enhance the stats that the player prefers.

Big Time has an interesting system that allows players to level up with multiple classes. Players have Pocket Watches, which keep track of their progress in each class. Players can use these watches to switch classes at any time. This lets players experience all of the different characters, without the annoyance of logging in and out and maintaining separate inventories.

Big Time is currently in closed alpha, available to those with Silver, Gold, and Ruby Passes, and those who own a SPACE NFT. For a full review and guide, read our Big Time review here.

Big Time Spaces infographic
Big Time Spaces infographic
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