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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Dec 22, 2022

Axie Infinity's Christmas Event has Started

Sky Mavis wants to keep its players busy during the holidays! For that, the Axie Infinity's Christmas Event has started.
Axie Infinity's Christmas Event has Started

Sky Mavis wants to keep its players busy during the holidays! For that, the Axie Infinity's Christmas Event has started and will last until January 3rd. This event will allow players to get the new Axie accessories, which is going to be a brand new feature in the ecosystem. Axie Trainers will get an accessory for every Axie they release.

This is another event that aims mainly to create more demand for Axies who are now at their all-time lows of 2$ for the floor Axies. If players want to stack up on some accessories before everyone else then they must release these Axies forever. This will drive some players to buy Axies just to get new accessories. To release Axies all players need to do is go to the Lunacian express tab and click on 'Release Axie Now'.

This is the second event of this type. The first one was the Lunancian Express: Axie Release Event back in February where players were getting cosmetic land items for releasing Axies.

Accessories will fall into different rarities, where the drop chances change from rarity to rarity. For the top 20 and top 1 Axie releasers in the event, there will be special Mystic rarity, accessory NFTs! The Mr. Ube for the top 1 and the Taro for the top 20. Below you can see the accessory rarities and their drop chance:

  • Common - Drop rate: 80.56%
  • Rare - Drop rate: 17.25%
  • Epic - Drop rate: 1.92%
  • Mystic - Drop rate: 0.27%
  • Taro - Top 20
  • Mr. Ube - Top 1
What are accessories?

Accessories are part of the Axie Core ideology and are cosmetic items for Axies. They will not provide any in-game competitive advantages. The idea behind accessories, accordingly to Sky Mavis: 'Accessories are an integral part of the Axie Core experience, allowing players to express themselves through their beloved axies while forming a deeper connection with them'.

To equip Axies with new accessories players are going to have a new management page. With this, it will be easier for Axie trainers to 'express themselves through their beloved Axies' and to 'form a deeper connection' with their digital pókemons.

New accessories management page
New accessories management page

Accessories are also another way to stop the growing Axie population and keep Axies from becoming completely worthless. It is a sink mechanism for NFTs.

Axie on Google Play Store

Recently Axie Infinity passed on the Google Play Store review. These are great news for the project and will bring a lot of new users to its ecosystem. The first country where it will be available is Malaysia. The team wants to make sure everything is running smoothly before launching it in larger countries with more players.

Since the Google PlayStore is not Play2Earn-friendly, players who download it through the application will not earn tokens. Nevertheless, this is a great achievement for Axie and can incentivize other web3 titles to publish their products on web2 platforms.

Last Thoughts

Axie Infinity remains the project with the highest user base in web3 gaming with 468,805 monthly active users according to But the truth is that, even though this is a high number, it is the lowest since November 2020. This reveals that many people were into Axie mainly for monetary reasons and are not that interested in Axie Infinity as just a videogame.

Personally, I think that Origins, the new sink mechanisms, the upcoming feature of evolving body parts, and land gameplay will make Axie remain a top 20 project in web3 gaming. But that's it, a top 10-20 project. The days of Axie Infinity as the king of the industry are running out.

We are heading into 2023 and that means that AAA projects are going to be released. Some of them are also coming into mobile and will be competitors of Axie. If you want to know my opinion regarding Axie Infinity in 2023 I will leave you the video below.
Axie Infinity in 2023
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