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Akira Ming
Akira Ming
Jun 25, 2024

Astra Nova Launches SuperNova NFT: Stay Ahead in the Game with Exclusive Perks

Astra Nova has unveiled its first Community Pass NFT, the SuperNova Key, giving early access to the $RVV token presale, a 15% shard boost on the Black Pass SocialFi platform, and various in-game perks. The latest Web3 RPG, inspired by epic adventures and made in Saudi Arabia, is now available on Steam and Ultra Games.
Astra Nova Launches SuperNova NFT: Stay Ahead in the Game with Exclusive Perks

Astra Nova has announced the SuperNova NFT, marking a huge milestone in their universe. The SuperNova Keys, as the first Community Pass NFT, offer various benefits. They provide early access to the $RVV community presale and a 15% shard boost on the Black Pass platform.

Meet SuperNova NFT: What's In It For Players?

SuperNova NFTs come with several benefits. First off, they guarantee a spot in the $RVV community presale. This presale offers a unique chance to acquire the official token of the Astra Nova ecosystem. Holders also get a 15% boost in Black Pass shards, which improves the Black Pass experience by allowing users to earn more points and rewards. What's more, NFT holders receive early game access, allowing them to explore Astra Nova's immersive world before anyone else. They also receive whitelist spots for future NFT drops, giving them premier access to NFT releases.

Also, NFT holders are eligible to receive exclusive in-game items such as weapons, skins, and power-ups. These items can enhance gameplay and provide a competitive edge. Raffle entries are another exciting bonus, allowing holders to win more rewards. There are also in-game point multipliers for NFT owners. Furthermore, SuperNova holders will gain access to a special Discord channel, where they can connect with other key holders.


Whitelist and Sale Campaign

Astra Nova has teamed up with OKX, a leading exchange, to offer a unique chance to reserve SuperNova NFTs. These NFTs can be minted on Dew, a Polygon NFT Launchpad, or pre-minted on OKX for airdrop to participants of the OKX sale. To get whitelisted, users must be among the top 10,000 on the Black Pass leaderboard, hold a Deviant NFT, and take part in partner campaigns.

How to Mint SuperNova Keys?

The minting will take place on Dew, a Polygon NFT Launchpad that offers a user-friendly interface. This ensures a smooth and secure process for obtaining the Genesis pass. The exact mint date will be announced in the next few days. 

What is Astra Nova?

Astra Nova is a Web3 RPG inspired by epic adventures like God of War. Built by Rogue Sentinel Studios, it immerses players in a richly detailed universe. The game is now available on Steam and Ultra Games, allowing a broad audience to access it. 

About the Black Pass SocialFi Platform

The Black Pass SocialFi platform allows players to earn $RVV tokens through social quests. It starts with a game demo on Steam and includes tasks like completing the demo, daily logins, and engaging on social media. Deviant NFT holders earn extra rewards, and multiple seasons of the Black Pass have been planned. Season 1 focuses on the demo and the launch of $RVV, while Season 2 will feature partnerships with other platforms. 

$RVV Token Launch

The $RVV (Revive) token, central to the Astra Nova game, is set to launch between Q2 and Q3 of 2024. It aims to improve the in-game economy and provide more incentives for players. The token will be used for various in-game transactions, such as purchasing and upgrading NFTs, joining events and tournaments, and more. The launch of $RVV is set to boost the game's economy and offer more ways to play and earn.


The Game's Lore: End of Worlds

Astra Nova's story revolves around five outer-dimensional home worlds ruined by a cosmic parasite - The Accretion. Refugees from these worlds escape to Astra Nova, a land of salvation and rebirth, through the mysterious celestial Gates. The Weavers of Space-Time, beings of pure energy, battle against The Accretion, an entity of chaos in Astra Nova.


Five Worlds

  1. Saerinda: Home to elves, humans, and skeletons, Saerinda is torn by chaos, magic, and civil war. You can now access this world via the game demo on Steam.
  2. Abja: A world of order ruined by inequality, inhabited by fairies, elementals, and trolls.
  3. Eamis: A lush world destroyed by jealousy, home to apes, robots, and cyborgs.
  4. Sokorien: A volcanic wasteland of devils, vampires, and zombies.
  5. Kawaida: A peaceful planet killed by capitalism, home to angels, ghouls, and aliens.

Game Mechanics and Features

Players control the Envoy, tasked with saving Astra Nova and uniting its species. The open-world RPG allows for free exploration and a regimented main questline. Players can tame beasts or use fast-travel options. It also includes a host of gameplay mechanics such as combat, magic, crafting, and trading.

The combat system involves using weapons, magic, and enhanced perception. Players can develop skills through experience and interactions with NPCs. Choices made during the game will affect the storyline and dynamics with other characters.

Token and NFT Integration

In Astra Nova, the $RVV token powers all in-game transactions. There are 3 types of NFTs: Deviants (upgradable in-game characters), Orion's Realm (land NFTs), and Sentinels (governance NFTs). These NFTs offer various perks, such as early access to game content, governance privileges, and exclusive in-game items.

No doubt, Astra Nova offers an immersive combat experience, merging Web3 with classic RPG elements. The SuperNova NFT is set to enhance player engagement. By joining the game's vibrant community, anyone can unlock a world of exciting prospects. 

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