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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jan 27, 2022

Age of Tanks Alpha is Open With a 1MLN $AOT Rewards Pool

Age of Tanks Beta has been released, and our team tried it out for you. Read our initial impression on the gameplay.
Age of Tanks Alpha is Open With a 1MLN $AOT Rewards Pool

Age of Tanks released just released their Alpha version. After assembling our first seven tanks for battle, and navigating through the menus, we’re ready to let you know what to expect from your first minutes in the game.

Age of Tanks Closed Beta

The only gameplay available in the Alpha is the 7vs7 PvP mode, where two teams of seven tanks battle each other for dominance over the battlefield.

You will be able to play on set time slots during the day. Outside the slots, you can only assemble tanks. Age of Tanks already accumulated over 40,000 battles with a total of almost 6,000 players in the game. 

The Alpha version is currently open to whitelisted users. You can also buy and stake 100 $AOT tokens to gain access.

You can see all information about the Alpha Participation Requirements in the Alpha guide available here.

Assembling Your Tank

As mentioned in our first introductory article on Age of Tanks, each tank is generated from assembling four basic components: hatch, gun, hull, and engine. 

Each combination of these four components will return a different tank, both in terms of functionality and appearance. The seven tanks we assembled during the Beta looked fairly different from each other and got minted quite quickly considering how small the game is for now.

After assembling your tank, you will see the two abilities it received from the set of components you choose. 

In our first look at the game, we found the easiest way to build a properly balanced tank is to use a hatch, gun, hull, and engine of the same rarity level. However, more details on how to build your Tank and increase your chance of victory can be found in the Tank Manual.

Age of Tanks Gameplay

To compete in battle, you need to assemble at least 7 tanks (as that’s the only mode available) and select them in the matching pop-up.

When you’re done with your selection, the game will choose an opponent for you and the battlefield will render with the 14 tanks inside it.

The 7 tanks will start firing shots at each other, while the camera spins and gives you a good angle of the battle to enjoy the experience. At the end of the battle the game will return either a victory or a losing screen.

Alpha Reward Prizes

Winning battles in the Alpha can give you unique benefits. There will be two types of rewards: daily and Grand Overall.

The top 100 Daily Winners for each team class: Common, Veteran, Elite & Legend

  • Winners based on highest number of wins, FCFS Basis for players with same number of wins
  • 50 $A.O.T/Winner, claimable from the following day, 3am UTC onwards
  • Every battle victory will also be rewarded with 50 Brodium 

Brodium won during this Alpha Launch can be used to redeem Common & Rare Warchests when the full game goes live on 22 Feb 2022

The top 100 Grand Overall Winners will receive Origin Tank NFTs

  • Top 30: 1x Mystic Tank
  • Top 31 to 60: 1x Legendary Tank
  • Top 61 to 100: 1x Epic Tank
  • Based on the highest number of wins, FCFS Basis for players with the same number of wins
  • Will be airdropped during INO

Additionally, all players can receive a Participation Bounty. The only requirement is to battle in 5 games per day. 

  • 5 to 14 Participating Days: 10 $AOT
  • 15 to 24 Participating Days: 30 $AOT
  • Full 25 Participating Days: 50 $AOT

Finally, all confirmed bug reports enter a raffle and random wallets will receive 10 $AOT.

What is Age of Tanks?

Age of Tanks is a 3D turn-based strategy tank game, set in an immersive metaverse, where players can assemble their preferred tanks, build their tank teams, outwit opponents, and rule the battlefield.

Players in the game will get the title of “Champions” and own parts of Tanks that, when combined, can be used to fight and earn $AOT.

Champions can join guilds, build forges and participate in the game ecosystem to earn Brodium, the in-game currency to open war chests and get new parts to build Tanks.

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