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Phil Hall
Phil Hall
Jan 10, 2023

Afterland Video Review

In this Afterland video review, we will cover its gameplay and discuss the economy of this shooter on the WAX blockchain.
Afterland Video Review

In this Afterland video review, we will cover its gameplay and discuss its economy.Afterland is a shooter on the WAX blockchain that is right now on its open Alpha. The game is quite challenging and offers its player base a unique graphical style that reminds me of Borderlands. It is definitely a game that every shooter lover should have on their radar.

How to play Afterland?

Afterland is available on the Elixir launcher, a platform with many web3 games like Chronos: The Dawn of Time and Tollan Worlds.

To play it users must:

  1. Go to Elixir's official website
  2. Create an account
  3. Download the launcher
  4. Find Afterland on the launcher and click on 'download'
  5. After the download is complete, click on play and enjoy the open alpha

What's Afterland?

Afterland is a First-Person shooter on the WAX blockchain. I am not a big fan of web3 gaming on WAX since most games there are way too simple for me. But Afterland surprised me. It is a good shooter to play casually and I loved its 'Borderlands graphical style'. It is quite rare to see games with that kind of cartoonish graphics.

So far only PvE is available and it will be the main focus of the project, but PvP is already on the Roadmap. Players go to dynamically generated instances that have different goals. Over time the difficulty increases, so there is constant pressure to hurry up and complete those goals.

By killing monsters and completing goals players are rewarded with gold and items. Gold can be used to purchase new weapons and items in merchant shops that are spread around the map. The idea is to make it as further as possible since at a certain point every player will die. Personally, I found it quite challenging. I was facing monsters all the time, health potions are scarce and there is the constant pressure of the map difficulty.

When it comes to its economy there are going to be two main ways to earn in this game accordingly to their whitepaper. By crafting items and by betting tokens on your performance on a designated map.

Players can buy a lobby and set up a crafting operation. By spending $ELEC and $AFL lobby owners can craft items and later sell them to other players for profit. Those who trust in their skills can bet on their performance on a certain map. For this, each player will have to allocate tokens to a pool and then play and try to go as further as possible. Top players then reap all the rewards. There will also be a F2P game mode with low rewards and there will be also scholarships.

I think Afterland's economy will be sustainable in the long term since in most game modes players will be the ones that will allocate tokens to the reward pools. But, personally, I do not like the idea of having to spend money every time I want to play. Nevertheless, Afterland is still in its early stages of development and probably many things will change by the full game release.

Afterland economy
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